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Rubber Injection Molding :

Rubber Injection Molding is the most sophisticated technique for producing high volumes of components. It is the most expensive method as regards equipment and technical control requirements.

Generally, to obtain maximum production efficiency, injection molded rubber components are produced using relatively short, high temperature vulcanization cycles.

The Parts Molded by Injection Molding are more consistent in dimension and physical properties, because the molding parameters automized, mostly auto ejection and low idle time during production cycle.

Rubber Injection Molding

Vacuum Compression Molding :

Vacuum Compression Molding is more similar to Compression Molding other than vacuum chamber. It enables vacuum during the first phase of curing cycle.

It reduces the rejection rate of the parts produced and increased productivity. This process is recommended for critical rubber parts.

Vacuum Compression Molding

Transfer Molding :

Transfer Molding is more efficient than compression molding but can still use the same press equipment. It is more suited to producing large numbers of relatively small components.

Mold costs are higher than for compression molding. Transfer molds also vary considerably in size, shape and complexity and may contain from one to a high number of cavities. Transfer molding is more suitable for accuracy parts, intricate parts and better bonding performances.

Transfer Molding

Compression Molding :

Compression Molding is the simplest and oldest method of in - mold vulcanization / bonding and is still widely used when a relatively small number of bonded components are required. It is also the preferred method for large bonded items.

Compression Molds are usually less expensive than for other methods. Compression molds vary considerably in size, shape, and complexity and also contain from one to a very high number of cavities.

Transfer Molding
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