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KPM’s Advanced Testing Laboratory

KPM’s advanced testing laboratory is testimony to our commitment to the highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction.

Through lab KPM can assure that customer’s requirements are met or surpassed with :

  • One of the most stringent quality assurance programs in the industry.
  • Process, material and dimensional qualifications.
  • Quality assurance that can be documented to customer prints.

Upon request, KPM can customize a quality program to meet the specific testing requirements.

The In-house Testing Facilities are :

KPM Testing Laboratory
» Rheography
» Cure Rate
» Tensile strength
» Tear strength
» Shear strength
» Peel strength
» % Elongation at break
» Modulus at % Elongation
» Ash content
» Abrasion resistance
» Rebound resilience
» Hardness
  1. Shore A
  2. Shore D
» Compression set resistance
» Specific gravity
» Heat Aging tests
  1. Change in Hardness
  2. Change in Tensile Strength
  3. Change in Elongation at break
» Swell Tests
  1. ASTM Oil No: 1
  2. ASTM Oil No: 2
  3. ASTM Oil No: 3
  4. Iso -Octane, Isooctane-Toulene, petrol, diesel methonal, ethanol, solutions tests & etc.
    • Volume swell
    • Tensile strength
    • % Elongation at break
    • Hardness

The Test which is not listed above can be outsourced by KPM.

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